2010 has been quite a busy year! 2011 does not seems bad either.

It has almost been one year since I last published any news on this blog. However, I was to busy/lazy to write more posts.

As you can see, a lot happened within only one year:

  • I obtained my PhD (told you I was busy)
  • I moved to the US…
  • …because I started a postdoc at the prestigious National Institute of Standards and Technologies (in the Advanced Network Technology Division)
  • And more importantly, I got married with Julie (probably the best thing I did so far)

A load of things changed for me. New nice colleagues, new research topic (Smartgrid, a quite hot and interesting topic), new home, new friends… But I sure won’t forget my friends who supported me so much during the 3 years of my PhD. This sure has been a great time and I know that there is still more good time to come.

Basically, for those who read me (I know at least one person, myself no included): I’m back to the blog business.