Upgrading a Samsung Q35 laptop to 2.5GB RAM

Hi readers,

Since 4 years already, I am the happy owner of a Samsung Q35 laptop. This is a neat laptop. Among its strong points, I can point its weight (~1.5kg I would say) and its excellent compatibility with GNU/Linux (everything works out of the box!). However, there is a huge drawback: the RAM. By default, there is only 512MB installed. Additionally, this memory module is soldered to the motherboard and thus can not be upgraded. Hopefully, Samsung’s engineers were smart enough to design the laptop with a RAM expansion slot. And this is exactly the point I want to get at with today.

It is a totally trivial information, but it sounded more like a really good surprise to me. Indeed, the Samsung Q35 manual states that you cannot add more that 1GB of memory to the system (limiting the global memory to 1.5GB). The good surprise is that this statement is plainly wrong. I bought a Crucial 2GB 256Mx64PC2-5300 memory several weeks ago and I can confirm that the memory module was recognized right away. Meaning that I now have 2.5GB of total memory (and that I can now play quite a bit with the vitalization technologies).

While this information is not new and has been spread among several forum already, I truly hope it will help any Samsung Q35 owner in enjoying his aging hardware a bit more longer.

See you around.